Ways to Stop Bleeding Gums in Chicago, IL

You notice that “pink in the sink” again in the midst of your brushing routine. What’s new? You have been dealing with it for almost two weeks now. And no, it’s not normal anymore. You may think bleeding gums are causing you no harm, but in reality, the condition could already be a sign of gum disease. Have it checked now at Smile Dental Care! We provide checkups and periodontal disease treatment in Chicago, IL. The only way to get rid of gums that bleed persistently is to have it mended by the dentist.


Gum disease treatment


Moreover, if it is not chronic, then you can try these remedies at home:

Take lots of vitamin C

Vitamin C-rich foods – or supplements, can help decrease your likelihood of experiencing bleeding gums. This type of antioxidant is excellent in fighting off infection in the gums that are causing them to bleed. Make it a habit to munch oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes or consume 65 to 90 ml of vitamin C tablet each day.

Place an ice pack

Unfortunately, you can’t always blame gingivitis for your bleeding gums. Other factors like trauma or injury may contribute to the condition. If that is the case, try placing cold compress against the affected site in 20-minute intervals. This process halts swelling and controls the flow of the blood.

Follow good dental hygiene

If you are not doing the proper oral care routine, don’t be surprised if you will deal with bleeding gums over and over again. Uneliminated plaque usually resides along the gum line which will then encourage bacteria to dominate inside the mouth. Bacteria is the culprit for gum disease, and the latter results in bleeding gums – so you know it already.

Swish with a saltwater solution

Never underestimate a teaspoon of salt and a glass of warm water – this mixture is loaded with properties that can kill the harmful bacterias in your mouth. Rinsing with a warm saltwater solution three to four times a day not only cleans the teeth and other oral structures but it also safeguards the gums against infection.

Take note: The tips mentioned above are solely a temporary alternative. If bleeding gums lasted for several days or weeks, consult the dentist immediately.


Bleeding gums are a symptom of gum disease. Contact us at Smile Dental Care for Gum Disease Treatment in Chicago, IL. We are located at 4889 South Archer Ave. Chicago, IL 60632.


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