If you’re self-conscious about the look of your smile, we have the orthodontic solution you’ve been looking for. Our practice is dedicated to making sure you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of having, and we want to make sure the journey along the way is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Treatment time will vary from patient to patient, but generally it lasts anywhere from 1-3 years. The patient’s involvement is crucial in making sure that their treatment is as quick and efficient as possible. If a patient is diligent with their home care, then the treatment will be much quicker. Getting braces early in childhood can also shorten treatment times later in life.

Types of Braces

  • Traditional Metal Braces – The most common type of braces. More comfortable today than ever before, traditional braces are made of stainless steel and straighten your teeth with brackets and wires that slowly move your teeth into the desired position.
  • Self-Ligating Braces – Made from the same materials as traditional braces, self-ligating braces need fewer appointments and cause less friction to the teeth by avoiding elastics altogether. They’re the same size as traditional braces and have a special clip that helps the wire guide your teeth.
  • Clear Ceramic Braces – Made of clear materials, ceramic braces are much less visible than metal braces. Generally, teenagers and more self-conscious adults prefer ceramic braces over their traditional counterparts. They require more attention to dental hygiene and are more brittle, however, meaning that they are more frequently used on upper front teeth.


FastBraces represent a special type of orthodontic treatment that is designed to achieve the same results as traditional braces in a much shorter period of time. Almost any problem that can be corrected with regular braces can be completed just as effectively with FastBraces in a significantly shorter timeframe. While typical orthodontic treatment involving braces usually requires a patient to go through two to three years of treatment, FastBraces can achieve comparable results in as little as three months to a year.

The secret to FastBraces is that they work to move the teeth and their roots at the same time. While regular braces use multiple wires and elastic bands, FastBraces utilize self-ligating triangular brackets and one single nickel-titanium wire. The triangular brackets are unique in that they conduct a sliding process, thereby quickly moving the teeth into the desired position. This specialized design also reduces friction and bone resistance, making FastBraces significantly more comfortable than traditional forms of orthodontic treatment.

Smile Dental Care is proud to be a certified provider of FastBraces. Patients of all ages have visited our practice to receive this innovative type of treatment. A simple appointment can find out if you are a good candidate. Just a short time with FastBraces can leave you with beautifully straightened teeth that stand out in all the right ways.


One of the best alternatives to traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect invisible aligners are designed to fix troubling issues such as crooked teeth, spacing problems and unsightly overbites. They are worn over the user’s teeth, and their custom design works to provide quick results that look great.

When receiving ClearCorrect treatment, a patient will be required to wear their current aligner for at least 20 hours per day. This will ensure that the desired results are achieved as quickly as possible. Every two weeks, the current aligner will be replaced with a new one, thereby continually adjusting the positioning of the teeth over time. In most cases, a patient will need to use ClearCorrect aligners for one to two years before ceasing treatment. At this point, it may be necessary to use a retainer in order to prevent the teeth from reverting to the old positions.

ClearCorrect invisible aligners provide several advantages over traditional metal braces. Perhaps their best feature is that they can be taken out at any time, allowing users to eat or drink whatever they would like during treatment. This also means that users will not need to make any adjustments to their brushing or flossing habits while using ClearCorrect. The aligners are very discreet, and their transparent construction makes them almost invisible to others. Additionally, they are very easy to clean, only requiring a simple combination of warm water and dish soap. ClearCorrect aligners can also be used while playing contact sports since they do not present the same injury risks as traditional metal braces.

Although ClearCorrect aligners offer some major benefits for users, there are some limitations that should be considered. Certain issues such as severely rotated teeth and particularly large spacing issues may not be properly fixed using ClearCorrect aligners. While being able to take out the aligners at any time is a major benefit of ClearCorrect treatment, doing this too often can prevent the desired results from being achieved. Unmotivated patients who are not fully committed to wearing an aligner for 20 hours per day should not use ClearCorrect for this reason, but in spite of these drawbacks, many patients have achieved amazing results using ClearCorrect aligners.