Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you unhappy with the way your teeth look? If so, you may want to consider our cosmetic dentistry solutions. Many people have found that they are more confident in their everyday lives if their smiles are brighter and healthier. So why not have the best smile you can? With our wide variety of cosmetic dentistry services, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Generally speaking, cosmetic dentistry is any form of dentistry that makes your gums or teeth look healthier and better. But cosmetic dentistry neither improves nor changes the function of your teeth. This means that cosmetic dentistry only makes minor cosmetic changes to the surface of your teeth, and does not involve major surgery; however, surgery is occasionally still necessary, even in cosmetic dentistry. For the most part though, cosmetic dentistry is concerned with the look of your teeth, rather than their function or their overall health.

Cosmetic bonding is a resin that is applied to your existing tooth to cover or correct flaws, and then molded to look like a natural tooth.

It can be extremely troubling when a person suffers from tooth loss. Missing teeth can make it difficult to conduct simple tasks like talking and eating, and the problem can ruin the look of a person’s smile. Additionally, untreated tooth loss can result in further problems, such as a loss of facial structure and jawbone deterioration. One way to prevent these issues is to install a dental bridge.

Sometimes referred to as partial dentures, dental bridges are used when a patient has lost multiple teeth. A dental bridge is comprised of natural-looking prosthetic teeth that are supported by the original teeth that are still inside the mouth. By using these existing structures as an anchor, dental bridges are designed to remain steady and secure at all times.

Dental bridges can be removable or fixed. Removable bridges make use of metal clasps or precision attachments to remain securely in place whenever they are being used; however, a removable bridge can also be easily taken out by the user for cleaning purposes. It can then be quickly re-inserted and used as normal. This makes removable bridges great for users who want a convenient solution for dealing with tooth loss.

Unlike removable bridges, fixed bridges cannot be removed except through oral surgery. Instead, this type of bridge will remain permanently attached inside the user’s mouth, most likely for the rest of their life. Fixed bridges use one of two methods to remain securely inside the mouth. The first method involves applying the bridge on top of implants. Alternatively, a fixed bridge can also be bonded directly to a person’s natural teeth, using these structures for support and stability. Fixed bridges are best for patients who want a permanent solution for tooth loss, treating their replacement teeth in a similar manner to their original ones.

We sculpt and place dental crowns over the outside of your tooth, allowing the tooth to look and act naturally once again. Even if most of your tooth has been compromised or damaged by tooth decay or anything else, porcelain crowns can restore the look and function of your tooth to normal. Crowns can also be specially molded to look exactly like your original teeth, and in many cases, we can design crowns that work even better than your natural teeth ever did. For the most part, crowns are much thicker and stronger than veneers; this means they can effectively cover and protect more severely damaged teeth. Partial crowns are also available as an alternative to suit the needs and circumstances of some patients. These partial crowns are less expensive than regular crowns and conceal smaller blemishes on your teeth.

If you want a fast and safe way to whiten and brighten your smile, then look no further. We’re offering professional, in-office teeth whitening with Philips Zoom – a process that is easy, pain-free and lauded by both patients and dentists.

By applying Zoom Chairside Light-Activated Gel to your teeth, we’ll greatly accelerate the process of whitening your teeth. The gel and the light combine to gently break apart the stain on your teeth, leaving the structure of your teeth alone, which makes the Philips Zoom process far more effective than traditional whitening services. Combined with the Whitening LED Accelerator, and your teeth will be as many as eight shades lighter in only 45 minutes.

Most people can benefit from teeth whitening services, but treatments may be less effective for some than it is for others. Philips Zoom, however, has the highest rate of success in treating stains of all kinds, improving the appearance of teeth that have been stained by tobacco, dark soda, coffee, tea, red wine, or even aging. And while it is effective in treating gray shading from tetracycline and other similar chemicals, the results are less dramatic than they are with other types of stains. Once you visit us and express your interest in teeth whitening services, we’ll be able to determine the exact level of whitening your smile needs.

Veneers are made from extremely thin sheets of porcelain and are used to cover the front surface of a tooth. This effectively “fixes” or conceals issues such as cracked, chipped, severely stained, or very misshapen teeth. Because they are made out of porcelain, they often look almost exactly like natural teeth, even reflecting light in the same way. Veneers are also very durable and resistant to stains. If they are damaged, we can quickly and easily repair them as well. Porcelain veneers are able to conceal:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Jagged or uneven tooth edges
  • Severe stains
  • Dead teeth

Before the procedure beings, we will need to determine exactly what you want out of your veneers. Once we know that, we can make sure they satisfy you completely. We’ll then examine your mouth and teeth to verify that veneers are the best step for you to take. Our team of experienced professionals will give you a local anesthetic before removing a small part of the enamel from your tooth, making room for the veneer. Then, we’ll take a mold of your tooth, which will allow us to make the veneer fit as closely as possible. This means that your veneer will be secure and comfortable. Finally, we will check with you to ensure that everything is looking the way you hoped.

Your veneers will be fabricated over about two weeks. Once they’re done, we’ll call you back and put them on. Your veneers will feel so much like natural teeth, that the odds are you won’t even be able to tell the difference!

An increasingly popular way of reversing age-related changes, dermal fillers can give you a youthful appearance more naturally than through a facelift. In a single 15-minute procedure, you can reduce or even eliminate wrinkles, enhance your lips, replace lost soft-tissue, and even raise scar depressions.

The skin gradually loses all its constituents as we age, including those responsible for keeping our skin firm, warding off wrinkles, and adding volume to the skin. Dermal fillers and other injectables can restore these functions of the skin, filling in lines, wrinkles, and scars, by being injected just below the surface of your skin. Fillers don’t stretch the skin. Instead, they add volume to it, making it look more natural and more youthful than facelifts ever could. Fillers and injectables can even increase the fullness of your lips. Dermal fillers are primarily used to treat smile lines around the nose and the mouth, frown lines between the eyes, acne scars, and fine lines above the mouth.

Approved by the FDA, fillers are safe and only minimally invasive. There are a few side effects, though very uncommon, so make sure to contact your doctor if you have any strange reactions after treatment. Fillers typically last from six to twelve months. Once the effects have worn off, you’ll need to come in for treatment again.

The dentists at Smile Dental Care have completed training in injecting facial rejuvenation treatments, and they can discuss all of your aesthetic facial concerns.