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All-on-4® treatment is a solution that is at the head of its class. The most effective use of this concept requires the combination of Nobel Biocare products. While many have tried to match this unique idea, we are the only ones who can back up our claims with scientifically proven success.


The All-on-4® concept offers a fixed prosthesis of four dental implants for those who are without teeth. This happens in one appointment on the day of surgery. Patients are quickly improved in aesthetics, communication, and confidence.

The procedure and the number of appointments involved are greatly reduced by two concepts: the back implants are tilted so that bone-grafting is not necessary, and immediate implantation shortens the time necessary.

The All-on-4® concept is not only quicker, it is also the most cost effective when compared to traditional implants.

Tilting of the back implants allows for the use of longer implants. Bone-to-implant contact is at a maximum and removes the need for additional bone augmentation. The implants are also anchored in a higher quality bone.

Because of the superior technology and practices, Nobel Biocare implants are immediately ready to be put to use.

The natural look of the treatment provides immense satisfaction to the patient.

The All-on-4® treatment is not just a short-term solution. These implants commonly last up to ten years.