A Root Canal Treatment Can Rescue Your Smile in Two Ways! – Lombard, IL

Root canals may mean ‘pain’ for people who do not know much about the mentioned therapy. But try to ponder the benefits that you can get with a root canal treatment—know how endodontics saves smiles. Instead of believing all the terrible misconceptions about root canals, why not dig the truths about them?

We at Smile Dental Care can testify how a root canal treatment became a teeth-saver. In our clinic, we highly recommend the therapy to our patients who suffer from tooth infection to help them get away from the consequences of missing teeth. If they notice some symptoms like teeth sensitivity to sweets and hot or cold foods, swelling, unusual taste in the mouth, and tooth pain, we require them to undergo the said procedure.


Root Canal treatment


Root Canals Keep Tooth Infection At Bay

As stated, there are two ways for a root canal treatment to save a person’s smile. The first one is by getting rid of the infection inside the tooth. An infected tooth is a reason why the person may feel excruciating pain to the point that they can no longer chew foods like the usual. In this step, the dentists open the top portion of the affected pearly white to reach its inner part where the dead pulp is located. It will be followed then with a cleaning process to eliminate excess debris and other residues. Of course, this procedure will not be painful because the dentists use local anesthesia to numb the area that needs the therapy. Diminishing the infection in the person’s tooth means freeing them from the undesirable symptoms of an infected tooth such as a toothache, an abscess, and many others. Their eating functions are expected to go back to normal as well.


Root Canals Restore The Tooth

Another purpose of a root canal treatment is to seal the newly-treated tooth to decrease the risk of reinfection. But teeth restorations like dental fillings or crowns do not just conceal the pearly white; they also serve other functions: regain the healthy appearance of the tooth as well as its function. Dental fillings, for instance, restore the aesthetic of the pearly white. They act as a cover-up, so the hole created by the dentist to access the dead tissues won’t show. Dental crowns also aim the same. However, when compared, crowns are more durable than fillings. The prosthesis can last in the mouth for years if proper care is given.

Truly, a root canal treatment regains one’s smile. With all its benefits, there is indeed nothing to dread about it.


Smile Dental Care offers Root Canals in Lombard, IL. For inquiries, contact or visit us at 837 South Westmore-Meyers Road Lombard, IL 60148.


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